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2 New Books for Your Christmas List

November 28th, 2018 12:00am

Two Cycling Books for your Christmas List Okay many of you know I am an avid reader but I have not yet read these two new books but didn't want you to miss out on a great Christmas idea for your self or riding buddy. I did receive Peter Sagans book, but I have so many books going on that I will not finish the full report by the holidays and therefore can not give you my full review.

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The Best Value MTB wheels on the Market?

September 27th, 2018 12:00am

FSA Grid MTB Wheels – The Best Value Wheels on the Market?

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American Pro - The True Story...Book Review

September 7th, 2018 12:00am

American Pro - The True Story of Bike Racing in America - Book Review Anyone who enjoys the sport of cycling or who rides a bike with an intent to race – even at the entry level will relate to and enjoy American Pro.

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Computer Aided Suspension Arrives on Pivot

August 28th, 2018 12:00am

Intelligent suspension has been around for several years on race cars and even high end road cars, then motorcycles and now it has reached the bicycle industry. Pivot has (not so coincidentally just before interbike) annouced that their flag ship Mach 5.5 will be rolling out with the New Fox Live Valve technology suspension. 

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Review - Bolle' Gets Serious About New Enduro Helmet - The Trackdown

Bolle' Gets Serious About NEW Trackdown Enduro Helmet It seems that over the last 5-6 years every company has decided to make everything and that makes me nervous.

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Bont Cycling Shoes Review - Style and Performance from Down Under

It’s been about 12 years since I saw Bont Cycling shoes come on to the cycling scene. This little Australian company went straight after the then booming Tri-Athlete market with their first offerings (the company now offers shoes specifically for all cycling disciplines.) Each year I would see them at the various shows and events, still hanging around not knowing much about them until this past year their PR team reached out to me for a meeting at the Sea Otter Classic.

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Ibis Adjustable Width MTB Bars

July 17th, 2018 12:00am


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Lezyne GPS Computer is the Real Deal

July 6th, 2018 12:00am

Color screens and data for days is key to the new Lexyne GPS cycling computer. I'ts not often we need to look for a new computer.

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Pivot's New Firebird 29er Gets Re-invented

Its not secret that Pivot is one of the hottest brands in the bike industry. Every year they seem to come out with a newer and better weapons.

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NEW ZIPP Wheels - Carbon, Rim Brake, Tubless and bad ass???

THE NEXT EVOLUTION... Those are pretty big words coming from one of the top wheel makers in the world.

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NEW - Pivot 429er Trail Bike

May 24th, 2018 12:00am

As a long time Pivot rider since the beginning we have loved the brand, the DW link suspension and all the bits and pieces that Chris Cocalis hangs on his bikes, but our pocket book can't keep up with all new variations that the Tempe Arizona builder keeps coming up with so we'll just have to share the new goodness the company produces via our our web site.  

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New MTB Film looks Amazing - Watch the trailor

Gamble - A new MTB Film (Above Photo by Rich Baybutt) WOW, not often do we get so pumped on a movie just by watching  the trailor.

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FOES MIXER Trail - One Step Ahead of the Competition?

Are the Foes Mixer bikes one step ahead of the competition? And would any one else admit it?

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Glukos Energy - How it helps

September 8th, 2017 1:11pm

Glukos Energy - Pure Food for Pure Performance Product Review for the Endurance Athlete We know that food is a very personal choice. What tastes good to one might not taste good to another.

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New Lemond Book - Yellow Jersey Racer - Covers Entire Career

America’s Only Recognized Tour de France Winner, Greg LeMond, Celebrated in New Book Devoted to His Entire Career   Before I pass you on to the corporate PR announce about this book (below)  let me say, don’t let the headline turn you off.

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Ogio 9600 Tanker Review

July 26th, 2017 1:44pm

The Ogio 9600 Tanker Gear Bag Review   Traveling around this fine bicycle world looking for the perfect line, hitting the biggest booter or even climbing the highest mountain takes a bit of planning.

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Douchebags and Team Sky - a winning combination

Team Sky selects Douchebags Its not often I get to write a headline like that so I enjoyed taking this opportunity to entertain and enlighten you all.  

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New Swedish Camo bags for YOUR Adventure

NEW designer CAMO Adventure Luggage by Douchebag - For the Traveling Shredder Recently we wrote a quick blurb about Douchebags, the travel bag company that made some pretty killer bike shipping bags for Team SKY  that allows you to take your uber expensive bike with you on a plane and have it arrive unscathed. Well, they just announced another bag design by professional snow boarder Jon Olsson.

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Phil Gaimons NEW book will make you laugh.

Okay, so you like cycling - not just road bikes but bikes in general. You’ve watched the Tour de France and maybe went hard core and watched The Tour of California...and like most people you have a lot of questions about the sport.

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From couch to a Pro Roadie on $10 a day - Great Read

I love to read and am thrilled when I can find a book about cycling that is more than some ghost written super ego driven memoir bogging on about how they over came their greatness to become great. So when I found this book, the title alone was more interesting than most.

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G-Form releases NEW Elite Level protection

G-FORM EXPANDS BIKE PRODUCT LINEUP WITH ALL- NEW ELITE PROTECTION   More coverage, better impact absorption and the same great flexible fit that G-Form is known for.

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Yellow Jersey Racer - Perfect gift for Dad or Roadie

Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer celebrates LeMond’s entire legendary career through huge photographs and revealing interviews with LeMond, his teammates, and his rivals.

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E-MTB Test - Ride What is it really like?

EBike - First Impressions From A Core Rider  Can’t say I saw this coming, but when I knew I was headed to the Sea Otter classic without a bike but with an invitation to ride an E-bike, I thought, what the heck.

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Worlds 1st internal Gearbox FAT bike

May 11th, 2017 12:31pm

FAT bikes are popping up all over and with their ability to ride any terrain, they are probably a blast to ride. Since I havent ridden one yet for a test, I will simply pass on the positive feedback we get from those early adopters.

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Another Reason to Love Reynolds Wheels

Reynolds offers Lifetime limited Warranty on new Wheels    

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Royal Racing Rolls out VICTORY Kit

May 1st, 2017 3:03pm

Royal Racing, a leader in Gravity Wear for the past 15 years or so... Has unleashed its new years lineup and it looks amazing.

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Reynolds Carbon All Mountain Wheel Review

The move back to all mountain riding and the enduro race scene is a welcome sight and has seemed to inspire a resurgence in the mountain biking world. The new format has also created a new category of product opportunities of which wheels will play a key role. 

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A Genius Piece of Race Day Gear on Kickstarter

New product makes any bike racer or campers life easier. It is not often we find a truly unique product that is so simple and useful (and has not been done before) that it can be declared Genius.

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$1000 Road shoes - Coming To a Store Near You

MAVIC to Release $1000 Shoes this Summer Just in time for the family budget,  Mavic announced it will release their ultimate Road/Tri shoe late this summer.  Appropriately named, the "Comete", it promises to carry speed and at a mere $1000 price point.

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Kewl Rain Jacket by Showers Pass

March 7th, 2017 9:51am

SHOWERS PASS UNVEILS MAPREFLECT CYCLING JACKET The Atlas Jacket Delivers Fashion with Safety Now we don't normally turn our heads when we see another rain jacket press release, but this one by Showers Pass caught our eye...Its called the Atlas because of the MAP reference and not becaus of Charles...  

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Mavic Carbon Road Pedals Tested and Reviewed

Mavic Zxellium SLR Road Pedals - Review and Test Its no secret that the three touch points on a bike probably affect your enthusiasm to ride more than any other part of the bike. Lets face it, if you are not comfortable on a bike, you either will quite riding or perform below par - then quit.

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Suomy Helmet Launch with Crash Replacement

January 23rd, 2017 12:33pm

Suomy Helmet Launch includes  “Crash Replacement Program”

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New Book gets into the big business of doping in sports

Why? Where did our heroes go?

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New Bike lock and Storage idea - pretty slick

New Bike Storage and Security Device is Real innovation with a Practical purpose   Airlok a UK company that created Hiplok, a wearable bike lock, has come up with a new system for storing bikes and keeping them safe.

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Blackburn releases High Volume MTB pump in Camo

Save the Arm Pump for the Trail - The Blackburn High Volume bike pump   We dont normally get excited about floor pumps.

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Can a Walmart Huffy survive a Pro Downhill Run?

Can a $179 Walmart mountain bike survive a real downhill run?  

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NEW Pivot Switchblade! Both a 29er and a 27.5!

Pivot MTB's did not get to be the hottest thing on two wheels without pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation and design. The new Switchblade is nothing short of pure genius.

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Finally - The Side Loading Bottle Holder by Blackburn

Sometimes everyone gets so caught up in coming up with the next big thing that they overlook obvious needs. For instance, ever since I started riding my 6"

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New Book covers the Psychology of Endurance Athletes

Matt Fitzgerald's New Book, How Bad Do You Want It?, Reveals New Strategies for Mental Toughness    

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SCULTNG DIRT - The unsung heroes of Joyride   In the Bicycle World we get flooded by images of killer jumps, tricks and people from slopestyle events around the globe.

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A Theft Proof - Weather Proof commuter bike from $449. Really?

Too Good to Be True? A Theft proof and Weather Proof bike.

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Bolle Performance Eyewear Review

June 23rd, 2015 9:58pm

Bolle Performance Glasses for Road and Mountain Bikers

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Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) expanded its TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) assortment to include a cyclocross rim and tire offering. The ChrisCross i19 700c TCS rim and Cross Wolf 700 x 32c TCS tire fill cyclocross riders’

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