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Sub $40 holiday gift ideas - get done early!

October 21st, 2019 12:00am

Sub $40 holiday gift ideas - get done early!

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Riders in your life..

Three items under $40 that you can give again and again.

You may remember we wrote a review on a super handy, super functional little tool kit that will pretty much fix anything on your bike...The Spurcycle Tool kit review? Well that same company makes a bunch of really great products like bells etc. They just sent us a list of gift ideas for cyclists that are really functional and cool. They even threw in a humorour gift in their water bottle collection. We think its a bit early to think of Christmas gifts, but then again, maybe not. I mean knock it out of the park with your friends or for yourself and get it done early in the season so you can go ride more.

All products come in both left and right handed versions, so you have no check em out, visit the link to the Spurcycle page and get on with you day. (if you are looking for something for me, I like anything Titanium..

#1 Spurcycle's titanium key-clip / $39

spurcycle titanium clip

Maybe you have one but your BFF, BF or GF does not. Buy one for your BFF or significant other and chances are you'll wish you'd grabbed an extra for yourself.

Clip and tuck keys for comfort and convenience, whether commuting to work or rolling to the bar. Spurcycle's Key Clip is laser cut from a slab of 1/4" titanium. Robust and rugged, yet light (20 g) and compact (71 mm x 21 mm), it's made in the USA, built to last and includes a bonus feature integrated bottle opener.  MSRP $39.00  

OoooH Titanium, shiny..functional...Must have NOW

#2 Spurcycle's Multi Pouch / $29


spurcycle pouch 2

Spurcycle's multi-pouch is one of the most underrated items available to mankind. (seriously is underated. Keep your shit dry in any weather or in super sweaty conditions)

Not for cyclists only, it's the perfect gift for those who like to keep their essentials organized whether in their jersey, backpack, hip pack, sling bag or travel bag. The multi pouch folds and snaps two different ways to to compress either horizontally or vertical to best fit your essentials. Knowing where your stuff is half the battle, right?

Constructed of cuben fiber (Dyneema fabrics), the pouch measures 11.5 cm x 19 cm and weighs a svelte 14 grams. It features a YKK Uretek zipper and polymer snaps. It can also be snapped back to back to a second pouch to keep your cycling items separate from office or personal items. It's rain resistant, transparent and made in the USA.

Hell Yeah They Could Use this. Clicky Clicky


#3 Must-go Hard, Catch Up, Relish Your Ride
H20 bottles / $12

spurcycle bottles

Spurcycle's Water Bottles not only act as a vessel to transport water from your bottle cage to your mouth but provide an extra bonus of inspiration on every ride.  The 22 oz. bottles mimic standard American ketchup, relish and mustard condiment containers but with a playful play on words.

I need some spice on my rides. Buy Buy Buy


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