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SeatyGo - Finally a great idea solving the issue of seat theft

September 24th, 2019 12:00am

SeatyGo - Finally a great idea solving the issue of seat theft

We have all seen them outside work, the bus or train stop or school, commuter bikes with missing bike seats or severly worn and ripped bike saddles. That's because bike seats are reasonably easy to steal and can be really expensive,  forcing bicycle commuters to choose to use a cheap and nasty bike seat for their commute or remove the seat post all together and carry that around all day.  But SeatyGo has solved that problem with an ingenius idea and have launched a KickStarter campaign today to raise funds for the first production run.

Before I send you off on your way to check it out, I want to share that their entire collection of seats will fit on all production seat posts including the one already on your bike right now. You dont need any special posts,clamps or tools because the SeatyGo solution uses standard rail width clamps  meaning you can bolt it on and GO!

This would make a great Christmas Gift for someone or share the link with someone and tell them you want one!

So, head on over to the Kickstarter page and see the Video

If you like what you see, you can get some good Karma points by supporting their drive and get yourself a pre-order price savings of 25%. Not a bad deal.

Then you can ride in peace knowing you will not be surprised to come out of school or work and discover your saddle was stolen!

We chalk that up to one for the Good Guys!

Seaty Go..stop seat theft with this great seat.


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