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$1000 Road shoes - Coming To a Store Near You

March 31st, 2017 11:40am

$1000 Road shoes - Coming To a Store Near You

MAVIC to Release $1000 Shoes this Summer

Just in time for the family budget,  Mavic announced it will release their ultimate Road/Tri shoe late this summer.  Appropriately named, the "Comete", it promises to carry speed and at a mere $1000 price point. Yes we typed it correctly. The first $1000 pair cycling shoes we have heard of anyway.

So what does $1000 buy you these days? Well, for starters, they look AMAZING will weigh in somewhere around 240 grams based on size. 
The shoe which was released in Europe last week, has a two-piece construction, with a full carbon shell mated with swappable booties that are tailored for specific conditions. Part of the weight savings comes from a super low stack height of 4.5mm.
According to Mavic, ski boot construction was a major factor in the design as it allows increased power transfer with lighter weight. "The shoe was designed to leverage the very latest understanding of biomechanics and bio-position,
translating to new levels of pedaling efficiency and the sensation of "connectedness" with the bike throughout the entire 360 degrees of a pedal stroke," the company said. 
Bootie options for rain, heat and cold are available but not sure if all three are included for the 1G.
Two Mavic Ergo Dials provide two-way micro adjustment for optimal fit and support. 
The Ergo Dials, heel pad and V-plates are replaceable and will be sold as spare parts which is probably a good thing with shoes this light.
One final benefit of the shoes is that while performance benefits are speculative, we can promise you lots of attention on your morning group ride if you show up sporting a pair.
Want to find out more, or put your order in??? Go here...MAVIC 
mavic comete road shoe
Oh So Sexy..
You Can See The Air Flow
mavic comete sole
Most shoes have Sole, these have Soul and lots of carbon
mavic shim stack
Low Stack Height of 4.5mm Makes these, well, low.
mavic bootie design
The bootie and outer shell to match your riding conditions.
comete carrying case
And you also get this pretty slick shoe case to protect your investment.

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