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6D Helmet - When safety matters

May 14th, 2019 12:00am

6D Helmet - When safety matters





Mountain bike helmets have come a long way in safety improvements over the last 10 years after decades of basically stagnant growth. And 6D helmets is the one company that really spear headed that movement.

They were the first to employ the multi dimensional impact system that exploited the weakness in the current helmet safety testing standards and directly addressed more real life crash impacts. For those that don't know, all helmets, but mountain bike helmets specifically, only have to pass a test that drops a weight onto the top-center of the helmet to measure impact absorbtion and dispersion.

6D helmets challenged that testing and understood that riders of mountain bikes and motorcycles don't land directly on top of their head. Most mountain bike crashes are anything but that. They studied the impacts and found that the rotational impact is what causes most of the damage i.e. concussions or worse, and devised a proprietary system that delivers the highest impact safety on the market today. 

MIPS -it's not

To keep up with 6D helmets progress the industry quickly licensed the MIPS technology that also does address rotational impacts. But, according to 6D, just not as well. This is a classic case of marketing skewing your thinking. Just because everyone claims to have a MIPS system and can advertise it, doesn't make it better. It just means they have more marketing money of which the consumer will ultimately get to pay for.

The 6D helmet system has full floating internal liner that protects your head. The floating liner is a fully active omni directional system allowing for key rotational impact dispersion and slowing of internal organs (your brain) inside your skull. The 6D system also performs better at all different speed impacts as well.

The fact that 6D helmets are the ones that pioneered this safety movement gives them a huge leg up in the safety category. They did the homework, they developed their system instead of trying to quickly adopt a technology that the big guys should have been improving all along. 

Great looks
Besides the fact that 6D helmets is a leader in safety, the helmets look amazing. Which is amazing right out of the gate. Now 7 years old I am seeing more and more 6D helmets on the starting lines in professional motocross and its only a matter of time until mountain bike racers and riders realize that 6D is a premier helmet for those who care about protecting their noggin.

6D helmets makes helmets for BMX, Downhill, Enduro/Cross Country as well as motocross and street bike helmets.

Want more information? Head over to and grab yourself the best protection available. Your mom will be happy you did.


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