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G-Form releases NEW Elite Level protection

June 1st, 2017 3:01pm

G-Form releases NEW Elite Level protection


More coverage, better impact absorption and the same great flexible fit that G-Form is known for. That is the story line that G-Form is releasing with their new elite level of protection. What caught my eye is that it meets motorcycle CE LEVEL 1 standards but is still super comfy while riding. In fact just yesterday I was riding my old G-Form knee guards on South Mountain in Phoenix and was waxing to the other riders just how comfortable the pads are. Good thing I didnt field test their impact resistance on the ride. We havent tested these new products yet,  but if they improved them over the old ones, it has to be good. 
Another good sign that these pads are legit is that Brian Lopes is wearing them. Lopes is one of the best product testers and communicators of developmental issues I have ever followed. It seems anything they let him have imput in only gets better.
Here is the official press release on these products. If you are in the market for some pads that are easy to pedal with and give you protection, here is one optionr for you..

gform knee elite

Elite Knee Guard
elbow guard
Elite Elbow Protection
PROVIDENCE, R.I., June 1, 2017 – G-Form, the leader in athletic impact protection, is excited to announce two new additions to its already impressive lineup of bike protection for riders ready to conquer mountains and trails. The all-new Elite Elbow Guards and Elite Knee Guards serve as enhanced versions of the traditional Pro-X Elbow Pads and Pro-X Knee Pads. G-Form developed the Elite product line with the needs of its top riders in mind, drawing inspiration from team members Brian Lopes, Connor Fields, Tracy Moseley and Kevin Robinson.
Among the improvements made to the Elite Elbow and Knee Guards include the brands patented Reactive Protection TechnologyTM (RPT) padding, now with increased impact absorbency. Both products achieved CE Level 1 Certification, the highest standard for motorcycle armor, without sacrificing the comfort and mobility for which G-Form is known. Strategic, body-mapped placement of G-Forms patented padding provides ultimate protection at key crash points on the body and its coverage area also extends beyond CE requirements, offering an unmatched level of protection seen in sports today.
Each product also features a technical mesh back panel for increased breathability and silicone gripper bands to ensure pads stay in place. The improved features of the Elite products provide even more dependable levels of protection and translate to a better overall riding experience, allowing riders to stay fully focused on the trail and terrain while maintaining peak performance. Retailing for $89.99 and $99.99 respectively, the Elite Elbow Guards and Elite Knee Guards are available in unisex sizes from small to extra-large.
"Our goal at G-Form is to go above and beyond in raising the bar to provide the best wearable impact protection on the market," said Michael De Leon, VP of Global Marketing, G-Form. "Our Elite Elbow Guards and Elite Knee Guards will allow mountain riders of all skill levels to get on their bikes and perform with supreme confidence and peace of mind."
Further pushing the boundaries of athletic impact protection, G-Forms Elite line of protection sports molded composite constructions and designs with a unique integration of RPT pads to provide the best combination of impact protection, comfort and performance possible. The moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ compression sleeve fabric consists of 18% Lycra and 82% Nylon and can support MTB, BMX, snow sports, moto and outdoor enthusiasts.
All G-Form protective wear is conveniently machine washable, waterproof, flexible and features Reactive Protection Technology in which the pads harden on impact, absorbing and dissipating force before returning to their soft state. G-Form offers protective gear for every body and is available in youth, womens and mens sizes.

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