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IBIS - New Look and New Bike Improvements

September 30th, 2022 12:00am

IBIS - New Look and New Bike Improvements

Looks like 2023 has a lot of NEW instore for riders from IBIS bikes. 

For starters, the company has rebranded themselves with complete new Graphics and word treatment. We kind of get a bird in flight or just about to take off out it, what you see may be different. But it is new, the company is stoked on it and thats good enough for us. NOTE: It really looks good the Organge and blue color paletted on the Mustard colored bikes!

New Look new Word Treatment

Now onto the more important stuff. The bike upgrades. For 2023 Ibis bikes have reworked and refined the already popular Ibis Ripley and the Ibis Ripmo.

IBIS Ripley UBH rear derailuer


The Ibis Ripmo and Ripley now feature a UDH rear derailleur. To help differentiate them from current models, we’re using the names Ripley V4S and Ripmo V2S. The S stands for swingarm.

Both models receive a new UDH swingarm for maximum future compatibility, and move to a 55mm chainline. They also receive enhanced frame stay protection and upgraded clevis bushings.

The 55mm chainline, which is 3mm wider than the previous standard, allows for a wider and stiffer chainstay. The clevis pivot bushings have more consistent sealing to keep out the grime in even the wettest conditions. Because of these changes the new parts are not backwards compatible.

You can visually identify the new swingarms by the new hanger, as well as the derailleur cable exit port, which has been moved to the top of the stay. The new routing boosts heel clearance and offers improved shifting feel, as it provides a smoother passage to the derailleur.


Ibis frame graphics

The new frame graphics incorporate product specs and air charts on the top of the downtube. The new internal cable routing exit points are tidy and out of the way.


ibis swingarm for the ripley and ripmo



We’re also replacing the bolt on polycarbonate downtube protector with a new thick rubber guard. It covers a larger area and the increased thickness and softer material better absorbs impacts.

Here is the part where you get to choose the color of your new ride. Which one do you like better?


ibis ripley protein shake

Protein Shake Finish

ibis ripley mustardstain finish

IBIS Ripley in Mustard Stain Finish


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