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New WaveCel Technology in Helmets Makes Huge Safety Improvements

April 1st, 2019 12:00am

New WaveCel Technology in Helmets Makes Huge Safety Improvements

Wavecel Helmet technology claims to reduce concussion chances by 48% in Bike crashes

If you are like us, getting tired of all the performance improvement using acronym technologies then you will love this story. Trek has licensed a new helmet protection system called Wavecel that was developed and manufactured in Portland Oregon and they claim it delivers up to a 48x greater chance of reducing concussions. That is a mighty claim and one worth investigating.

Since I have not yet put one on my head -  I have to rely on the video you are about to watch. From what I see this technology makes perfect sense and provide a much great level of protection which we all should agree is paramount to a great bicycle experience and life.

If you are new to the helmet debate, a quick lesson shows us that even today the helmet industry testing standards are very antiquated. current testing methods only measure impact directly on top of the head which almost never happens while riding. This video shows how the scientists who developed the Wavecel technology have actually come up with more realistic testing mythologies. They created a test that immolates the head and neck impact and movement from different angles to see how the wavecel bicycle helmet deflects impact on a direct and rotational basis.  

Thanks to companies like 6D helmets and Kali who began pushing the evolution of  bicycle helmets several years ago, the study of impacts, force and speed, angles and more has become a high priority for all impact sports. Its kind of shame that companies like Bell Helmets, who owned the helmet market have fallen so far behind.

Trek will be incorporating the wavecel technology in all of their helmet lineups so you can get the maximum protection in road bike helmets, mtb helmets and commuter helmets.

So watch the video and see what the next level of safety could look like in your life. In the meantime, we will try to get ahold of one of these helmets and give you a real test review.

For you super geeks who want to read the scientific published study - you can download and read it here.



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