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Gene Hamilton is the founder of BetterRide Mountain bike skills and is one of the foremost instructors on the skills of mountain bike riding as well as a featured monthly contributor to Bicycle World TV.


Gene's school - BetterRide - makes every level of cross country or downhill rider a better rider.  Gene's credentials speak for themselves. A former UCI world cup competitor and medalist,  he currently helps world class riders constantly refine their techniques.  No matter what the level, BetterRide will make you faster and safer on your mountain bike.  Be sure to book mark this page for Gene's monthly skill tip and sign up for our monthly newsletter to get updates mailed to you on a monthly basis.


If you are looking to get going today - be sure to go to and look around, check out the archives of Gene's lessons and sign up for a riding course that fits your time frame and location.


If you want to ride better, faster and safer, BetterRide is for you.


World Record! - The Fastest Human Powered Bike Ride

Project Speed's Denise Mueller-Korenek SmashesWorld's Paced Bicycle Speed Record with 183.932 mph Ride at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah   

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SCULTNG DIRT - The unsung heroes of Joyride  In the Bicycle World we get flooded by images of killer jumps, tricks and people from slopestyle events around the globe.

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150th UCI World Cup Race Marks 25th year at Mont Sainte Anne  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Downhill racing at Mont Saint Anne, the track managers have changed some of the historic track with new rock sections and jumps.

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