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Video by Bryn Atkinson - What is a Chucanot?

April 18th, 2017 1:55pm

Video by Bryn Atkinson - What is a Chucanot?

Bryn Atkinson shows displays his skills in front of and behind the camera in this entirely self produced video titled. "What the Hell is a Chuckanut?"

I have known Bryn for some time but never knew he picked up some skills with filming along the way. I guess when you are travelling the world riding bikes you get time to develop other skills sets. Being a rider helps for sure and his eye for the shot show it. In this video Bryn does some really cool things. I like how he captures the sound of wheels crushing the dirt and, you can see he is actually hauling ass through the woods up in the Pacific Northwest. I am sure his bike sponsor Norco is thrilled. 

Enjoy this Byrns film as we get ready for the Sea Otter coming up this week. Its race season!




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