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Storck Bikes Go Direct To Consumers in UK

January 23rd, 2019 12:00am

Storck Bikes Go Direct To Consumers in UK

It's not ground breaking news normally, so why am I reporting on it? Fair question for sure. And here is my best answer. Storck Bicycles is one of those super bike brands that most people don't know about and I think they should. They have been around for a long time now (30 plus years), starting out as a component builder even earlier and graduating into bikes - and ever since I witnessed their coming out party at InterBike I have noticed that Storck bikes have actually been the ones with new design ideas,  new materials etc. way before most of the big dogs. Throw in the fact that the founder, Markus Storck is a super guy, experienced and really smart and you have a formula for success. Now, Markus hasn't won a major Tour race nor does he sponsor a tour team, so what makes their bikes better than others? Another good question, probably the best one and it can be summed up in one word, experience. Experience in component design, material usage and yes riding. You should check out the company's history page for a detailed report on how involved his entire family has been in bike innovation.  While I haven't even ridden one of these bikes, I like everything I have seen and been told about them. Yes, I did get to pick one up and torque on the bars and learn all about it, but I did NOT get to ride one. According to their website, they have won more design awards and best bike awards than Leonardo Di capria has Oscars.

And as of yet, Storck bikes don't have a US distributor (that I know of) so it makes getting your hands on one up to the internet and, the purpose of their latest press release and my share.

Again, I have not ridden these bikes but do feel you want to know about them. They create both MTB race bikes and road bikes and, if you are well healed and like be unique in what you're riding, look into getting yourself one. 

All the info is below including their social media links.

If you do find one you like, tell them Bicycle World TV sent you... cheers


Storck Bicycle now Online with D2C Platform in United Kingdom 

On July 17, 2018, Storck Bicycle launched its first online D2C (Direct To Customer) platform in Germany. Starting on January 17, 2019, Storck products will be available in the UK as well, at

In addition to the Storck Store & Studio concept, Storck Bicycle now offers consumers in the UK another attractive platform for purchasing Storck products. The full model range is available online. 

Following the expiry of the binding contractual distribution arrangements in the UK, Storck Bicycle is able to cater to the changes in customers' purchasing habits and to respond to the growing trend of web-based sales with its new online sales platform. In addition, Storck will continue to drive its new Sales 4.0 concept in the UK as well. This means a further development of the Storck Store & Studio concept alongside the online business.

Markus Storck said: "The success of our Store & Studio concept in Germany and the equally successful launch of our online business in the German and international marketplace make it possible for us to also implement and consistently pursue our 4.0 sales concept in the United Kingdom, which considerably helps to keep prices for our products stable in the UK marketplace as well."  

For customers, Sales 4.0 means expert consulting support and services provided by the existing Storck Flagship Stores and Studios that offer additional services such as measurement and seating position analysis, plus joint regional bike racing experiences. As a result, Storck Bicycle provides Storck customers with a comprehensive local and online brand experience. Storck Stores and Studios are progressively being developed with interested and appropriate bike retailers in an effort to continually expand the Storck Store & Studio network.



The Aero Platinum - an Aero weapon for sure.


The Storck - XC race rig the Rebel Nine. Just one of their line up that includes full suspension MTB rigs also.


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