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Hecklers and Sun Launch Endurance Race Season - at the 12 Hours of Fury

January 23rd, 2017 12:39pm

Hecklers and Sun Launch Endurance Race Season - at the 12 Hours of Fury

 Hecklers and Sun kick off Endurance Racing Season at the 12 Hours of Fury -  Results, Pics and Smart *SS comments galore

Plenty of Pics and Smarty Ass comments at the 12 Hours of Fury Endurance race.

In the great southwest, the sweltering heat is pretty much gone, the days are shorter and its endurance season. With spectacular weather that will be seen all over social media for the next 6 months teasing all those snow bound cyclist to come join us in the desert, the 12 Hours of Fury kicked off the endurance races at McDowell Mtn Park.

Even if you have raced here in past and have not done so in a few years, you owe yourself a trip out to the McDowell Mtn regional park for a riding weekend because they have added so much trail out here every race is a new combination of trails and slightly different lengths. This year the FURY recipe was one-third cup Pemberton Trail, a quarter cup Granite Trail and a quarter cup of Escondido. Mix briskly with a cool morning and an 81 degree dry sunny day and you pretty much had your race in a box.

I'm going to let the pictures and comments do the talking and leave the results at the bottom. 

WARNING - if you are thin skinned and easily offended by heckling you should probably mosey on your way because this writer got in with the wrong (or right) group of Hecklers near the finish line. All in good fun but you have been warned.

81 degree weather had tongues wagging


Did we say it was dry also?


Chilling out in the desert I ran across Team Vassago kicking it in the shade with adult beverages. So a conversation ensued - yes that guy on far left DOES ride the short bus so be nice...


And shortly thereafter came Zack Heim, the lone Bicycle World TV rider suffering from a bad patch of road kill he ate earlier that morning. Zach, you look a little pale bro.


G-Form knee pads ready,  this rider was ready to take a digger.


Team Vassago rider being chill as he approached his heckling team mates.


Vaaaaaasago heckler with electronic device, ever present beer and yes his Gilligan hat.



Cactus,check, horse poop, check, hot girl rider, check. This must be Arizona and endurance racing.


team exhale

Team Exhale had a good showing of riders. Even though they are on lap 3, the warmer temp was a bit warmer than ideal.


A dude and a bike just looking for the finish line.



Team Prosok Isal Alexander returning to the trail after some time out of racing. According to facebook, she was making a comeback. If there is a family team race, I think these guys would win it hands down between the mom and dad and their two kids who race high school for Shadow Mountain.


Passing the ladies or was he getting passed....hmmm?


Your Single Speed winner Mr Albert Wimer...stud did 135 miles of effort in 12 hours without gears..



san tan

Just one of the San Tan team members pulling daytime duty.


Sometimes you just get that vibe that you want to hang with somebody. This was that guy. Cool beard and I bet he can fell a tree...No hipster here. Is that an Iwatch?


Happy Happy Man. He has the right attitude and Hi-Vis socks to prove it.


More Happiness. She knew the hecklers were in it for fun. Plus she probably pulls down a killer steak dinner from her jersey sponsor Flemmings Stake House for making this website.


Getting all racey.


Yeah another Vassago rider, wonder if he knew they drank his beer already?


This kid wins the award for making all of us look bad. He had a goal of riding 100 miles solo in this race. They have therapy for kids like this don't they? Say its not too late..well done Chae Matlin well done.


Get a free set of tires when you visit a participating Discount Tire store and mention this photo and this website...


bicycle rand

Local bike establishment Bicycle Ranch is home to of one of these riders. The other guy is just showing cleavage.



Speaking of cleavage - wild desert scenery


Suns out, guns out...


Keeping it real and rocking the Club Ride plaid


Fully Rigid - Team San Tan can take a licking and keep on ticking.


cactus shadow

Cactus Shadow High School racer knows its rad to ride bikes and wins best Socks award. You have to be cool to pull those off...


No Caption necessary


70 jay natoli

70 year young stud Jay Natoli still gets after it.


The views at McDowell Mtn Park includes Four Peaks and the Sawaro Cactus (keeping it simple for all you non Arizonans)


mark taylor

Just for looking at all these pictures - Mark Taylor will give you a FREE home just for mentioning you saw them in this photo on this website.
Yes, this team took first and second overall in the quad team.


Results for all classes is here!

 See you at the Dawn to Dusk December 10th.



If you saw the photographer out there with the hecklers between the hours of 12:30-2:00 and want to know if he has pictures of you - email him and give him your bib number, You may just win a picture of yourself.









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