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Dual Slalom Video from Sea Otter Classic 2012

April 17th, 2017 11:25am

Dual Slalom Video from Sea Otter Classic 2012

Easily the best event of the Otter because of its centralized location and fan friendly format, Dual slalom is non-stop with heats firing out of the gate every minute or so until the final rounds when it takes a bit more time to get back up the hill. This years win by Kyle Strait is the first American to win the race in something like 8-10 years and appreciated by the ruckus, flag waving crowd.


This video is what I was able to capture after breaking my shoulder during downhill practice the day before.  Since my right arm was worthless and could not hold a camera, I used my Contour helmet camera and shot successive shots of the Dual slalom starting at the top and moving down the course turn by turn. Every rider to make the pro mens field was caught at least once in this video. I was lucky enough to be at the finish line when Mitch Ropelato got squirrelly on the deceivingly rough finish section and  launch himself over the bars at 25-30 mph. It is here on film for you to see. Gladly, Mitch walked away and even tried to race the next heat race but Specialized support was no where to be found.

Enjoy the video and as always, please share it with your friends.




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