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Death of a Hero RIP Jordie Lunn

October 14th, 2019 12:00am

Death of a Hero RIP Jordie Lunn

I'm not really sure how to write this small tribute about a guy I never really knew. I dont feel like just reporting the news does him justice. I know several guys that were great friends with Jordie and I feel heart broken for them. Losing a good friend must be so painful. So like any mountain bikers, I read all could about Jordies death to find out what happened, what could take the last breath of air from a guy that tough. It's a morbid couriosity, but one many had. For me, it helps close the circle of life. If you are wondering what happened. Jordie suffered a life ending head injury from a crash while riding and filming in Mexico.

In reading about Jordie Lunn, I found that my perceptions of him were totally wrong and I was simply judging a book by its cover. Jordie looked like a really gnarly guy. Tatoos covered his body, he was a compact muscular figure. To me he looked like he was just looking for a fight. But I was sooooo wrong.  And after watching the video below, I now feel the loss of guy as though we were buddies. Apparently he had that kind of impact on you.

Jordie, I never knew you and that is my loss. For all the people you made smile - thank you. For all those you insprired - thank you. For all my friends that got to spend time with Jordie I am so sorry for your loss.

May his family find peace knowing Jordi lived life to the fullest on his own terms.



Jordie Lunn dropping in on his stunt
A View from Jordie Lunn's helmet cam as he looked down the barrel of one of his most recent stunts builds - yeah it was GNARLY from any angle.

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