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Arizona MTB has full Fall Race Schedule

September 7th, 2017 4:00pm

Arizona MTB has full Fall Race Schedule

 Arizona Cycling Hits High Gear in Fall

XC, high school season, endurance races and YES even Enduros!

Get it all here...
The MBAA (Mountain Biking Association Of Arizona) and race promoters here have been in the big ring the last couple of years and riders in the great southwest are reaping the rewards. With events going off every month now as the hot season winds down and most of the country begins to prepare for hybernation.
Lets start with the BIG News...Arizona is havig a 3 race Enduro series for the first time. Gravity back in the Grand Canyon state where it is almots extinct is very exciting. While several attempts at one off Enduro events have been attempted complete with very mediocre actual gravity component, this series covers the entire state and promises to require a longer travel bike to win. Starting with race one at Sunrise Ski Resort in the cool country, and including Tucson (looking for trail maintainence help as I type) and Prescott.
If you are a gravity rider and complain about the lack of events for you, its time to put-up or Shut-up. Then give the MBAA feedback to improve the event. Or, better yet, get involved!
First race is September 17th - so get signed up
Sunrise Skie Park - September 17 - Sign up 
Tucson - October 1
Prescott - October 15
Flagstaff Enduro - fund raiser - The jolly good people in the strong cycling community of Flagstaff are putting on a legit 2-d / 6 stage flagstaff enduro racing Enduro race on their finest trails on September 23/24 weekend. Proceeds going to all bike related and trail issues. This is where the really fast dudes will be from probably 4 states so get your game on and get signed up. All the INFO is HERE
Arizona High School Season
Arizonas High school series is now one of the biggest in the country and continues to blow up as the state continues to graduate riders to the elite ranks of American Cycling. Besides that fact that these student athletes are the future of the sport, their commraderie, sportsmanship and heart make this series the best thing to ever happen to our sport. These young athletes bring the fresh air of adventure that bikes evoke in everyone to some level. If you have never volunteered for race, this is a must do. And the series always needs volunteers and covers every corner of the state. They need people to ride sweep for every class, take registrations,help set up and take down the day etc. Go to their sign up page here to be part of something bigger.
Endurance XC Races
September 9th- The Barn Burner - goes off this Saturday in Flagstaff - there are several spots available and this event gets KILLER reviews for good attitude and fun. Here are those details to get in on the pedalling shenanigas.
fire on the rim mountain bike race
September 16th - Fire on the Rim in Pine- Strawberry - Sign UP
With three distances on offer, there is not excuse for not trying this one out.  15,30 and 45 mile courses are on offer and climbing is mandatory as is some great single track.
cave creek classic mountain bike race November 11th - Cave Creek Cactus Classic - Sign UP
This is relatively new event but that does not mean its not a great race. In fact, it is one of the most real mountain bike courses on offer. Having recently ridden the 24 mile loop I promise you real mountian bike riders will love it. Its got it all from long early loop climbs to some rowdy single track to keep everyone honest. And, ALL proceeds go to benefit the Desert Foothills Mountain Bike Assoication which has been building MILES of trail in north end of the valley. 

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