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US Amateur National Downhill Championship Course Preview

July 7, 2017

US Amateur National Downhill Championship Course Preview

USAC National Downhill Championships - Course Preview

The US Downhill championships is just around the corner and this year its being held in Snowshoe Mountain.  For those who have been around a little bit Snowshoe is a legitimate mountain and this years course is no exception.


It is long enough and rough enough to ensure each category winner will be the best in class.


On July 17-23 the gravity riders association of America (I just made that up) will travel east to contest the elements and the chance to wear the stars and stripes. I pretty sure Gwinn will make it out there but guys like Logan Bingelli and the hot shot up and comers that I don’t know won’t let him have it without a fight.


Either way, here is a preview video of the course to get you in the mood. Good luck to all the racers out there.



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