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Is a bike stabalizer worth it?

With the invention of kickstarter and other crowd source fundraising, lots of new Ideas are coming out of the woodwork. It seems if it is bicycle related, we usually get hit up to check them out. We do our best to weed through them and see if they have merit before pawning them off on our unsuspecting readers. We got this new one and can't quite decide if there is a real market for it or not, so we thougth we would ask for your help to decide. The product is called BikeBar. A nice...

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Kali Adds New Enduro HelmetKali Adds New Enduro Helmet

Kali Brings new crash cushion technology to Enduro Scene with the Maya Kali Helmets has brought their first Enduro specific helmet to the market for 2015. The images and video here are the first photos of the Maya - a deep coverage helmet that continues Kali's industry leading innovation of rider protection. The Maya uses a combination of cone shaped multi-density EPS, paired with a softer density foam around the head. This combination of materials allows Kali to use their lowest foam dens...
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Kali Adds New Enduro Helmet Kali Adds New Enduro Helmet
January 21, 2015

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