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Rocket Powered Bike goes 333kph - Shoots Ebike out exhaust-VIDEO

We aren't really sure where or how to categorize this story. Is this a future niche for the sport of cycling? Would this elliminate the tempatiion for dopers? What wheel size do they run? Perhaps a new wheel size is called for. All of these questions will be left to ponder at the starting line of this video. We all agree it would be cool to roll up on a Ferrari at a light and race him/her for pink slips to the next intersection.... Enjoy this wacky world, it's all we have. If yo...

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Cam McCauls hilarious TV antics while Promoting new bike movieCam McCauls hilarious TV antics while Promoting new bike movie

Not often do we get press in the mainstream. Even less frequently do we get mainstream media that actually speaks like a mountain biker. This one nailed while Cam McCaul steals the show in this interview about the new mountain bike movie. Great fun and we could not find a better sport ambassador.....
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