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RAD Company Movie Teaser

Brandon Semanuk's Rad Company is about to unleash a solid video picking up where NWD left off. Check out this video teaser. Just in this short MTB video teaser, you can tell the action is gong to be insane and the cinematography superb as expected from Red Bull Media. The cast of riders is top notch too...Cant wait for the full version....

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The Shelfie - home is where you hang your bikeThe Shelfie - home is where you hang your bike

Here at Bicycle World TV we seem to be a magnet for cool cycling start-ups these days. While not every new idea makes the web site, the ones like the Trigger Bell covered last month and this months Shelfie do. The creator of the Shelfie is non other than the 1993 world Downhill champion Jurgen Beneke. I know 1993 is before many of you were born but that doesn't mean he isn't relevant. In fact Jurgen has stayed busy creating bike oriented stuff like this new storage device. Just looking at the...
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RAD Company Movie Teaser RAD Company Movie Teaser
April 18, 2014

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