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Video - Bernard Kerr Shreds Queenstown New Zealand

For the last couple of years, we have seeen little video bits popping up on the Interweb of Bernard Kerr whipping jumps at Whistler, or blowing up berms in his home country of England. But nothing of much length. Not until this 4.5 minutes of fun from BK or Barnyard or one of his many pet names his friends call him. Bernard Kerr,is a super skilled DH racing, jumping fool of a rider for Pivot Bikes. While he hasn't won any major competitions, he does have all the tools and is one of those really ...

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Hey buddy, you have to check this out...its sic!Hey buddy, you have to check this out...its sic!

Hey Bro, Ialmost forgot, the North American Handmade Bicycle show is three weeks away!!! Man I almost forgot. This year its being held at the Kentucky International Convention Center. Thats right, in beautiful Kentucky. No Vegas union yahoos to deal with, no douche bags chasing the shiney bobbles, no whining (pun) and dining whoring themselves out for an "OEM deal", no overpriced everything, just good ol fashion hospitality and a super bitchin bikes. Have you seen the stuf...
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