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Extreme Stop Action Bike Movie - is so cool

It would be a rather large understatement to say there are a lot of MTBVideos out there. And I for one must confess that I have reached the point whereI don't watch everyone of them because they can tend to look the same. And so it is my cross to bare in life that I must rumage through the video hacks and one jump highlight reels to filter the quality stuff that I share with you here on Bicycle World TV. So it is with great anticipation that I announce the movie below has made the cut. E...

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Video - For the Love of Mud - TeaserVideo - For the Love of Mud - Teaser

Seems CylcoCross Season is here and just in time as the Movie teaser "For the Love of Mud" is released. Besides the epic visual event that cyclocross is, the movie appears to look more closely at the entire unique culture that cyclocross is. From talking with competitors about what it is like to suffer for your sport in less than optimal weather to the personal journey each one has with their bike and team, The production is due out this spring and I for one am intrigued by the topic a...
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