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FSA Components on the worlds best bikes

Whistler Opening Day - May 19th

By admin ⋅ May 16th, 2017

WHISTLER MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK OPENING FOR THE 2017 SEASON MAY 19 Riders Can Save Big With Early Bird Rates on Passes Until June 9 WHISTLER, BC May 16, 2017 – The long awaited countdown to the first chair of the 2017 season will come to an end on May 19, when the Whistler Mountain Bike Park officially opens. The Fitzsimmons Express will spin from 10am to 5pm from May 19 until June 9, wi...

E-MTB Test - Ride What is it really like?

By admin ⋅ May 12th, 2017

E-MTB Test - Ride What is it really like?EBike - First Impressions From A Core Rider Can’t say I saw this coming, but when I knew I was headed to the Sea Otter classic without a bike but with an invitation to ride an E-bike, I thought, what the heck. It beats not riding at all. But more importantly, I thought it a good idea to ride one of these new rigs just so I could justifiably rag on them out on the trail. And that is j...

Sea Otter 17 Dual Slalom Photos

By admin ⋅ May 1st, 2017

Sea Otter 17 Dual Slalom PhotosSea Otter Dual Slalom Delivers The Goods Another season kicked off at the Sea Otter Classic. This time with many more vendors and lots of great weather. Instead of trying to cover every event on the weekend, we will just cut to the chase to what is always the best show of the weekend, the dual slalom There were a number of big names absent from the line up with the UCI World...

Royal Racing Rolls out VICTORY Kit

By admin ⋅ May 1st, 2017

Royal Racing Rolls out VICTORY KitRoyal Racing, a leader in Gravity Wear for the past 15 years or so... Has unleashed its new years lineup and it looks amazing. Yeah, we know its good the good stuff and this new design is even cooler if that is possible. So cool in fact we even ordered ourselves up a set. Check out the menu and prices piece by piece and look like a boss when you are tearing down (or up) the trail. You can con...

Another Reason to Love Reynolds Wheels

By admin ⋅ May 1st, 2017

Another Reason to Love Reynolds WheelsReynolds offers Lifetime limited Warranty on new Wheels As one rider who has thoroughtly abused and enjoyed his Reynolds wheels, here is another reason to love their product...(NOTE: My MTB wheels are over two years old but their service was still awesome Watch the Video Review Here) The warranty includes their MTB Wheels that are now laced to Industry Nine hubs. Reynolds Cycling ha...

Video by Bryn Atkinson - What is a Chucanot?

By admin ⋅ April 18th, 2017

Video  by Bryn Atkinson - What is a Chucanot?Bryn Atkinson shows displays his skills in front of and behind the camera in this entirely self produced video titled. "What the Hell is a Chuckanut?" I have known Bryn for some time but never knew he picked up some skills with filming along the way. I guess when you are travelling the world riding bikes you get time to develop other skills sets. Being a rider helps for sure and his...

Watch the New Fox Movie Here! - Ride Your F*cking Bike

By admin ⋅ April 5th, 2017

Watch the New Fox Movie Here! - Ride Your F*cking BikeA new movie sponsored by many, but mainly FOX has just dropped and its a tribute to Steve "Chainsaw" Smith. The movie features tons of great riders that need no introduction but are rad just the same.. It is here for you to watch, so grab your popcorn and enjoy.......

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