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FSA Components on the worlds best bikes

US National Road Race and TT 2017

By admin ⋅ June 23rd, 2017

US National Road Race and TT 2017WHERE & WHO TO WATCH: FAN TIPS FOR PRO ROAD & TT NATIONALS THIS WEEKEND KNOXVILLE, TENN. (June 21, 2017) - -The USA Cycling Pro Road & Time Trial National Championships will be held for the first time in Knoxville on June 24-25. Professional bicycle racing remains one of the most unique sporting events for spectators, as admission is free to the course and many activit...

Phil Gaimons NEW book will make you laugh.

By admin ⋅ June 12th, 2017

Phil Gaimons NEW book will make you laugh.Okay, so you like cycling - not just road bikes but bikes in general. You’ve watched the Tour de France and maybe went hard core and watched The Tour of California...and like most people you have a lot of questions about the sport. In case you missed our earlier review of Phil’s first book, Phil Gaimon is a pro that made it to the top tier of the sport in kind of an unconventional way ...

G-Form releases NEW Elite Level protection

By admin ⋅ June 1st, 2017

G-Form releases NEW Elite Level protectionG-FORM EXPANDS BIKE PRODUCT LINEUP WITH ALL- NEW ELITE PROTECTION More coverage, better impact absorption and the same great flexible fit that G-Form is known for. That is the story line that G-Form is releasing with their new elite level of protection. What caught my eye is that it meets motorcycle CE LEVEL 1 standards but is still super comfy while riding. In fact just yesterday I was riding ...

Yellow Jersey Racer - Perfect gift for Dad or Roadie

By admin ⋅ May 31st, 2017

Yellow Jersey Racer - Perfect gift for Dad or RoadieGreg LeMond: Yellow Jersey RacercelebratesLeMond’s entire legendary career throughhuge photographs and revealing interviews with LeMond, his teammates, and his rivals. Greg LeMond is America’s only recognized Tour de France winner, yet his three Tour victories tell only part of his story. LeMond changed cycling more than any other rider in the history of the sport.LeMond was a tal...

Last Stand Extreme Crit Race Is On

By admin ⋅ May 31st, 2017

Last Stand Extreme Crit Race Is OnRed Bulls Last Stand - The Most Extreme Crit Race Ever? Before I dump the corporate press release on you, I must warn you. It doesnt do this race justice. I mean, this is a race that goes until there is no one left standing. FULL POP, on the rivet, in the pain cave so deep no one has ever found the bottom, you get the picture? If that isn’t enough, this years this event has added an eli...

Whistler Opening Day - May 19th

By admin ⋅ May 16th, 2017

WHISTLER MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK OPENING FOR THE 2017 SEASON MAY 19 Riders Can Save Big With Early Bird Rates on Passes Until June 9 WHISTLER, BC May 16, 2017 – The long awaited countdown to the first chair of the 2017 season will come to an end on May 19, when the Whistler Mountain Bike Park officially opens. The Fitzsimmons Express will spin from 10am to 5pm from May 19 until June 9, wi...

E-MTB Test - Ride What is it really like?

By admin ⋅ May 12th, 2017

E-MTB Test - Ride What is it really like?EBike - First Impressions From A Core Rider Can’t say I saw this coming, but when I knew I was headed to the Sea Otter classic without a bike but with an invitation to ride an E-bike, I thought, what the heck. It beats not riding at all. But more importantly, I thought it a good idea to ride one of these new rigs just so I could justifiably rag on them out on the trail. And that is j...

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