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FSA Components on the worlds best bikes

Arizona MTB has full Fall Race Schedule

By admin ⋅ September 7th, 2017

Arizona MTB  has full Fall Race ScheduleArizona Cycling Hits High Gear in Fall XC, high school season, endurance races and YES even Enduros! Get it all here... The MBAA (Mountain Biking Association Of Arizona) and race promoters here have been in the big ring the last couple of years and riders in the great southwest arereaping the rewards. With events going off every month now as the hot season winds down and most of the c...

FOES MIXER Trail - One Step Ahead of the Competition?

By admin ⋅ September 8th, 2017

FOES MIXER Trail - One Step Ahead of the Competition?Are the Foes Mixer bikes one step ahead of the competition? And would any one else admit it? With the discussion of wheel size during the UCI World Downhill Season being revived, this review of the Foes Mixer couldn’t have been more appropriate. For those of you who don’t know what the Foes Mixer is, it’s the companies Trail & Enduro bike design that sports a 29-inch fr...

Aaron Gwin Ripping Laguna Canyon at nearly 40MPH

By admin ⋅ August 9th, 2017

Aaron Gwin Ripping Laguna Canyon at nearly 40MPHHOT off the MSA Downhill win, Go-Pro and Aaron Gwin released this fun little bit of Aaron ripping down a very legit and famous run called Top of the World in Laguna Beach California. Reaching speeds of nearly 40 MPH on the infamous course is pretty much off the charts. I would venture to guess that Aaron took KOM on Strava. Top that Cookie man.... Enjoy...

2018 EWS Schedule is out and so is America

By admin ⋅ September 8th, 2017

2018 EWS Schedule is out and so is AmericaToo Early to Predict another Gravity Extinction? EWS announces 2018 Schedule. While the stoke is high on the EWS, I am a bit perplexed. The 2018 schedule has been announced and it truly does pretty much cover the globe. Except for one tiny country. The U.S. Now, I dont want to sound like an american eliteist, but doesnt it make sense to include the series in one biggest markets in the world?...

Glukos Energy - How it helps

By admin ⋅ September 8th, 2017

Glukos Energy - How it helpsGlukos Energy - Pure Food for Pure Performance Product Review for the Endurance Athlete We know that food is a very personal choice. What tastes good to one might not taste good to another. And, what works with my metabolism may not work for yours. But when we find an energy / food source that works we feel obligated to share it since many riders have not yet found their caloric nirvana. ...

Recap: Mont Sainte-Anne Downhill delivers excitement in spades

By admin ⋅ September 8th, 2017

Recap: Mont Sainte-Anne Downhill delivers excitement in spadesMonte Sainte-Anne delivers All the Drama and Excitement From the first race run of the day to the last, Monte Sainte-Anne delivered the most exciting race of a very competitive and evenly matched season. with two races left to go in the season, both mens and womens overall world championship are still wide open with three riders in each dvision capable of winning. Starting with the wo...

EWS Colorado Results - Sam Hill wins and Ravanel continues to dominate

By admin ⋅ July 31st, 2017

EWS Colorado Results - Sam Hill wins and Ravanel continues to dominateHill and Ravanel win Enduro World Series in Aspen Snowmass Round six of the Enduro World Series, the Yeti Cycles Big Mountain Enduro presented by Shimano Aspen Snowmass, will go down as one of the closest fought races in EWS history. After four stages and almost 70 km of trail, Jared Graves (Specialized Racing) led Sam Hill (Chain Reaction Cycles Mavic) by just 0:00.32, but in ...

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