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cycling coach art macfarland

Art Macfarland is a Level II USA Cycling certified coach and active racer on both the mountain and road. Art is also an accomplished multi day endurance racer having completed such events as TransRockies, BC Bike Race, Cape Epic, La Ruta de los Conquistadores, TransMexicana and Baja Epic. Over the past 10 years, Art has coached State Champions in various disciplines (Criterium, TT, and MTB) and currently coaches from Cat 1 to Cat 5 Road racers and Pro to Beginner level MTB racers.

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I purchased a heart rate monitor to help me build my fitness level. I have gone on line and found that for my age(53) and weight(168) my maximum heart rate should be 171. How do I use my heart monitor to get the best results? Iím hoping your advice and this new tool can help me build my endurance. Thank you!

By admin ⋅ April 29th, 2011

You have taken the first step to improve your performance. The next step is to know your training zones and then develop a training program. I do want to highlight the fact that your maximum heart rate doesn't really play a role in developing your training program. What you need to find out is what your threshold is. You have 3 options: 1. Self test - Warm up, do a 5 minute interval as h...

I am doing the Whiskey Offroad 50 proof, what should I eat for breakfast leading up to the race and how close to the start should I eat it?

By admin ⋅ April 18th, 2011

Thanks for the excellent question. One thing many people overlook is the food strategy of racing or long rides. Eating a good breakfast is critical for an event such as the Whiskey 50. You don't want to experiment with new "meals" before the event, so eat what you normally would eat for breakfast. Try to get about 600-800 calories 3-4 hours before the event. Whiskey starts pretty earl...

Will a coach really make a difference for me?

By admin ⋅ December 30th, 2010

Most people don’t think twice about getting a lawyer for legal matters, an accountant to do their taxes or a mechanic to work on their cars. So why not hire and expert in cycling to help with your performance on the bike. I hear of bike riders spending $2-3,000 for a new lighter bike and when you ask them why they want it, the answer is usually the same – to get better or be faster....

If I ride six days a week, how many days should I make recovery rides?

By admin ⋅ August 12th, 2010

Before I try to answer your question, let's define what "recovery ride" means. To me, a recovery ride is one where you just soft pedal and keep your hear rate below 65% to get blood flow through the legs and assist in the recovery process. This is what we call active recovery. I'm assuming this is what you are referring to. There are two answers to your question and you probably won...

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