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View real rider reviews on bikes, bike products and bike accessories. Our test riders are the real deal and do not get paid by sponsors! If it works, we tell you so. If it doesn't, we'll tell you it sucks...

FOES MIXER Trail - One Step Ahead of the Competition?

By admin ⋅ September 8th, 2017

FOES MIXER Trail - One Step Ahead of the Competition?Are the Foes Mixer bikes one step ahead of the competition? And would any one else admit it? With the discussion of wheel size during the UCI World Downhill Season being revived, this review of the Foes Mixer couldn’t have been more appropriate. For those of you who don’t know what the Foes Mixer is, it’s the companies Trail & Enduro bike design that sports a 29-inch fr...

Glukos Energy - How it helps

By admin ⋅ September 8th, 2017

Glukos Energy - How it helpsGlukos Energy - Pure Food for Pure Performance Product Review for the Endurance Athlete We know that food is a very personal choice. What tastes good to one might not taste good to another. And, what works with my metabolism may not work for yours. But when we find an energy / food source that works we feel obligated to share it since many riders have not yet found their caloric nirvana. ...

New Lemond Book - Yellow Jersey Racer - Covers Entire Career

By admin ⋅ August 15th, 2017

New Lemond Book - Yellow Jersey Racer - Covers Entire CareerAmerica’s Only Recognized Tour de France Winner, Greg LeMond, Celebrated in New Book Devoted to His Entire Career Before I pass you on to the corporate PR announce about this book (below) let me say, don’t let the headline turn you off. Being an avid reader, this book is not nearly as ego-centric as the Lance Armstrongs books or Mark Cavendish rubbish. In fact, this book is not re...

Ogio 9600 Tanker Review

By admin ⋅ July 26th, 2017

Ogio 9600 Tanker ReviewThe Ogio 9600 Tanker Gear Bag Review Traveling around this fine bicycle world looking for the perfect line, hitting the biggest booter or even climbing the highest mountain takes a bit of planning. First of all it sucks that as a rider, you get treated like crap by airlines and charged ridiculously high prices for shipping your bike, then you get get hit with additional luggage charges. Th...

Douchebags and Team Sky - a winning combination

By admin ⋅ July 5th, 2017

Douchebags and Team Sky - a winning combinationTeam Sky selects Douchebags Its not often I get to write a headline like that so I enjoyed taking this opportunity to entertain and enlighten you all. By enlighten, I mean share with you a new travel bag option for your bike. Its made by a company called Douchebags, that specializes in adventure sport luggage and it looks really slick. From watching the video it is really well designed for ...

New Swedish Camo bags for YOUR Adventure

By admin ⋅ July 5th, 2017

New Swedish Camo bags for YOUR AdventureNEW designer CAMO Adventure Luggage by Douchebag - For the Traveling Shredder Recently we wrote a quick blurb about Douchebags, the travel bag company that made some pretty killer bike shipping bags for Team SKY that allows you to take your uber expensive bike with you on a plane and have it arrive unscathed. Well, they just announced another bag design by professional snow boarder Jon Ols...

Phil Gaimons NEW book will make you laugh.

By admin ⋅ June 12th, 2017

Phil Gaimons NEW book will make you laugh.Okay, so you like cycling - not just road bikes but bikes in general. You’ve watched the Tour de France and maybe went hard core and watched The Tour of California...and like most people you have a lot of questions about the sport. In case you missed our earlier review of Phil’s first book, Phil Gaimon is a pro that made it to the top tier of the sport in kind of an unconventional way ...

From couch to a Pro Roadie on $10 a day - Great Read

By admin ⋅ June 12th, 2017

From couch to a Pro Roadie on $10 a day - Great ReadI love to read and am thrilled when I can find a book about cycling that is more than some ghost written super ego driven memoir bogging on about how they over came their greatness to become great. So when I found this book, the title alone was more interesting than most. This is an true underdog story about how one man transformed his very average life into one that is worthy of my time to read. ...

G-Form releases NEW Elite Level protection

By admin ⋅ June 1st, 2017

G-Form releases NEW Elite Level protectionG-FORM EXPANDS BIKE PRODUCT LINEUP WITH ALL- NEW ELITE PROTECTION More coverage, better impact absorption and the same great flexible fit that G-Form is known for. That is the story line that G-Form is releasing with their new elite level of protection. What caught my eye is that it meets motorcycle CE LEVEL 1 standards but is still super comfy while riding. In fact just yesterday I was riding ...

Yellow Jersey Racer - Perfect gift for Dad or Roadie

By admin ⋅ May 31st, 2017

Yellow Jersey Racer - Perfect gift for Dad or RoadieGreg LeMond: Yellow Jersey RacercelebratesLeMond’s entire legendary career throughhuge photographs and revealing interviews with LeMond, his teammates, and his rivals. Greg LeMond is America’s only recognized Tour de France winner, yet his three Tour victories tell only part of his story. LeMond changed cycling more than any other rider in the history of the sport.LeMond was a tal...

E-MTB Test - Ride What is it really like?

By admin ⋅ May 12th, 2017

E-MTB Test - Ride What is it really like?EBike - First Impressions From A Core Rider Can’t say I saw this coming, but when I knew I was headed to the Sea Otter classic without a bike but with an invitation to ride an E-bike, I thought, what the heck. It beats not riding at all. But more importantly, I thought it a good idea to ride one of these new rigs just so I could justifiably rag on them out on the trail. And that is j...

Another Reason to Love Reynolds Wheels

By admin ⋅ May 1st, 2017

Another Reason to Love Reynolds WheelsReynolds offers Lifetime limited Warranty on new Wheels As one rider who has thoroughtly abused and enjoyed his Reynolds wheels, here is another reason to love their product...(NOTE: My MTB wheels are over two years old but their service was still awesome Watch the Video Review Here) The warranty includes their MTB Wheels that are now laced to Industry Nine hubs. Reynolds Cycling ha...

Royal Racing Rolls out VICTORY Kit

By admin ⋅ May 1st, 2017

Royal Racing Rolls out VICTORY KitRoyal Racing, a leader in Gravity Wear for the past 15 years or so... Has unleashed its new years lineup and it looks amazing. Yeah, we know its good the good stuff and this new design is even cooler if that is possible. So cool in fact we even ordered ourselves up a set. Check out the menu and prices piece by piece and look like a boss when you are tearing down (or up) the trail. You can con...

Reynolds Carbon All Mountain Wheel Review

By admin ⋅ April 25th, 2017

Reynolds Carbon All Mountain Wheel ReviewThe move back to all mountain riding and the enduro race scene is a welcome sight and has seemed to inspire a resurgence in the mountain biking world. The new format has also created a new category of product opportunities of which wheels will play a key role. Long time industry player Reynolds has developed a set of carbon wheels specifically for the enduro riding niche. The all mountain offering...

A Genius Piece of Race Day Gear on Kickstarter

By admin ⋅ April 12th, 2017

A Genius Piece of Race Day Gear on KickstarterNew product makes any bike racer or campers life easier. It is not often we find a truly unique product that is so simple and useful (and has not been done before) that it can be declared Genius. But we found one and we thought you might be interested. It is genius because of its utility, versatility, a camping table that fits pretty much any passenger vehicle tire out there and ease o...

$1000 Road shoes - Coming To a Store Near You

By admin ⋅ March 31st, 2017

$1000 Road shoes - Coming To a Store Near YouMAVIC to Release $1000 Shoes this Summer Just in time for the family budget, Mavic announced it will release their ultimate Road/Tri shoe late this summer. Appropriately named, the "Comete", it promises to carry speed and at a mere $1000 price point. Yes we typed it correctly. The first $1000 pair cycling shoes we have heard of anyway. So what does $1000 buy you these days? Well,...

Kewl Rain Jacket by Showers Pass

By admin ⋅ March 7th, 2017

Kewl Rain Jacket by Showers PassSHOWERS PASS UNVEILS MAPREFLECT CYCLING JACKET The Atlas Jacket Delivers Fashion with Safety Now we don't normally turn our heads when we see another rain jacket press release, but this one by Showers Pass caught our eye...Its called the Atlas because of the MAP reference and not becaus of Charles... We know waterproof jackets have been around for a while, but none rock this cool high reflect...

Mavic Carbon Road Pedals Tested and Reviewed

By admin ⋅ January 23rd, 2017

Mavic Carbon Road Pedals Tested and ReviewedMavic Zxellium SLR Road Pedals - Review and Test Its no secret that the three touch points on a bike probably affect your enthusiasm to ride more than any other part of the bike. Lets face it, if you are not comfortable on a bike, you either will quite riding or perform below par - then quit. And, because this review is about a product that is below your feet, it doesn't get the kudos it de...

Suomy Helmet Launch with Crash Replacement

By admin ⋅ January 23rd, 2017

Suomy Helmet Launch with Crash ReplacementSuomy Helmet Launch includes “Crash Replacement Program” For those who follow motorcycle road racing, you are more than familiar with the Suomy brand. A helmet perched on the shoulders of some of the worlds fastest riders. If you don't watch motorcycle road racing, then let us introduce you to a very impressive company with a background in rider safety at a world class level. ...

New Book gets into the big business of doping in sports

By admin ⋅ September 8th, 2016

New Book gets into the big business of doping in sportsWhy? Where did our heroes go? What is a kid to believe in? These are all questions that little boy inside me asks as I see athletes sell out and degrade the sports that filled every dream I had. Even as an adult, I still had heroes, still admired athletic prowess. Left completely jaded by cheaters and understanding the easy answer to Why - the problem is much bigger than just money. An athlete has...

New Bike lock and Storage idea - pretty slick

By admin ⋅ August 24th, 2016

New Bike lock and Storage idea - pretty slickNew Bike Storage and Security Device is Real innovation with a Practical purpose Airlok a UK company that created Hiplok, a wearable bike lock, has come up with a new system for storing bikes and keeping them safe. When I looked at the product, it really is a hybrid of those uber cool bike holders that I have seen from Scandinavian designers and a locking system. In Europe where cycling is mu...

Blackburn releases High Volume MTB pump in Camo

By admin ⋅ July 21st, 2016

Blackburn releases High Volume MTB pump in CamoSave the Arm Pump for the Trail - The Blackburn High Volume bike pump We dont normally get excited about floor pumps. They are just one of those tools you need to have if you're a rider. Most people we know have several. Throw one in your truck on you way to the trail just in case you rolled out without fixing that flat, or one of your riding buddies shows up in a "less than ready state&qu...

Finally - The Side Loading Bottle Holder by Blackburn

By admin ⋅ May 24th, 2016

Finally - The Side Loading Bottle Holder by BlackburnSometimes everyone gets so caught up in coming up with the next big thing that they overlook obvious needs. For instance, ever since I started riding my 6" bike as my everyday rig I have been fustrated with having to wear a hydration pack during ride to hold water. While wearing a hydration pack is highly fashionable, living in the desert means that most of the time I dont want anything sitti...

New Book covers the Psychology of Endurance Athletes

By admin ⋅ February 10th, 2016

New Book covers the Psychology of Endurance AthletesMatt Fitzgerald's New Book, How Bad Do You Want It?, Reveals New Strategies for Mental Toughness I found this book interesting in that it defines and gives pyschological explanations to the actions athletes have taken to reach their goals. The athletes covered have some interesting back stories that most people would never know. As a former competitive amatuer athlete I have witnessed or ...

A Theft Proof - Weather Proof commuter bike from $449. Really?

By admin ⋅ December 9th, 2015

A Theft Proof - Weather Proof commuter bike from $449. Really?Too Good to Be True? A Theft proof and Weather Proof bike. When you hear a promise like this, you have to look. I mean at least to see what kind of strange person or company would make a claim like this.I know Ifell for it and was pleasantly surprised. Appropriately named, Fortified Bikes did not reinvent the wheel but they have taken on the huge problem of bike theft for city riders.To do t...

FSA goes electronic, Gravity adds Dropper Seat post

By admin ⋅ August 30th, 2015

FSA goes electronic, Gravity adds Dropper Seat postFSA and Gravity to enter new categories in 2016 Published August 25, 2015 by Val Vanderpool FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — As Demo Day was in full swing outside, FSA and Gravity gave the media a sneak peek of new products consumers can expect to see as soon as spring 2016. FSA again showed its yet-to-named electronic road group it debuted at the Tour de France in July. All p...

Reynolds to use Industry Nine hubs for their Top End wheels

By admin ⋅ August 30th, 2015

Industry Nine to supply hubs for Reynolds Blacklabel wheels &Reynolds Announces wheel trade in program (Published in BRAIN on August 21, 2015) SANDY, Utah (BRAIN) — Industry Nine Componentry will now provide hubs for all Reynolds Cycling's Blacklabel mountain bike wheelsets, the companies announced this week. "Pairing Reynolds' carbon rim technology with Industry Nine's e...

Mavic Crossmax Enduro Shoe - Video Review

By admin ⋅ July 28th, 2015

Mavic Crossmax Enduro Shoe - Video ReviewReviewed - The MAVIC Crossmax Enduro shoe It seems like all anyone wanted to talk about last year was the explosion of Enduro riding. And in every picture you saw it seemed like all you saw was pro Enduro riders all over the world sporting the HI-vis yellow Cross Max Enduro Shoe. It was impossible to miss with their bright colors. And that was not because of luck. Mavic worked hand in han...

SIDI enters the Enduro market with the EPIC shoe

By admin ⋅ July 9th, 2015

SIDI enters the Enduro market with the EPIC shoeItalian shoe giant SIDI gets into the Enduro market with the new EPICshoe. SIDIshoes has been a top name in cycling shoes for decades because of their style, true innovation and quality. While they may have not invented any thing new this new shoe offering or even been the first to market, what they do bring is everything previously mentioned and a reputation for performance. In this video we in...

RockShox - adds new MTB forks to line up following up Pikes huge success

By admin ⋅ July 7th, 2015

RockShox - adds new MTB forks to line up following up Pikes huge successRockShox showing no signs of slowing down following the tremedous success of their Pike enduro fork. If all of the positive press about the Pike fork wasn't enough, RockShox has come right back with two more fork options for 2016 to cover agressive MTB riders on both 27.5" and 29" wheel sizes. Based on their successful new platform, Rockshox is introducing a revamped LYRIK and in...

The best Enduro short? Pearl Izumi throws its name in the hat

By admin ⋅ June 25th, 2015

The best Enduro short? Pearl Izumi throws its name in the hatIs the Pearl Izumi Launch short and jersey the best Enduro kit on the market? Mens launch short - MRP - $125 The longest of the mountain bike shorts, the Launch Short will provides additional coverage for leg pads and has adjustable venting on the front. The Pearl Izumi liner is extremely breathable and the best fitting removal liner I have worn to date in the removal lin...

Bolle Performance Eyewear Review

By admin ⋅ June 23rd, 2015

Bolle Performance Eyewear ReviewBolle Performance Glasses for Road and Mountain Bikers
 Bolle - Road and MTB Glasses - Reviewed from Bicycle World TV on Vimeo. One of the most respected brands in the world of performance and fashion eye wear, Bolle has ramped up it cycling glass efforts over the last year and a half. And by ramping up, we mean completely new with more relevant designs and new technology....

ERG Energy Food Provides REAL Healthy Snack

By admin ⋅ April 27th, 2015

ERG Energy Food Provides REAL Healthy SnackWe don't always go promoting stuff we havent tried yet, but when something comes along that just makes sense, we have to do our part and share it with you. In my family we are pretty up to speed on nutrition and sports. In fact you could say we are very intune with our bodies and how foods affect our performance and mood swings. So when I got the press release on the new ERGenergy bars and...

SIDI Comes Back Bigger and Better with New Products and New Distributor

By admin ⋅ February 15th, 2015

SIDI Comes Back Bigger and Better with New Products and New DistributorSIDI Comes Back Bigger and Better with New Products and New Distributor When it comes to action sports footwear, there are few brands that can match the proven quality of the 50 year old Italian Shoe company SIDI. From its humble beginnings in mountain footwear then on to cycling and on and off-road motorcycle boots, SIDI has built itself into one of the most recognizable and quality brands i...

Is a bike stabalizer worth it?

By admin ⋅ January 29th, 2015

Is a bike stabalizer worth it?With the invention of kickstarter and other crowd source fundraising, lots of new Ideas are coming out of the woodwork. It seems if it is bicycle related, we usually get hit up to check them out. We do our best to weed through them and see if they have merit before pawning them off on our unsuspecting readers. We got this new one and can't quite decide if there is a real market for it or no...

Borealis Yampa Reviewed by La Ruta Class Winner

By admin ⋅ January 15th, 2015

Borealis Yampa Reviewed by La Ruta Class WinnerBorealis Fat Bike Yampa Review Over the past few months I’ve been riding a Borealis Yampa thanks to the support from Team CoreCo and Borealis Fat Bikes. The Yampa was my first experience on a Fat Bike, except for the few times that I threw my leg over other fat bikes just to do a quick lap around the driveway or bike shop aisle, and it has been a wonderful surprise. Just over t...

Sugoi's Amazing Cycling Reflective Technology

By admin ⋅ December 4th, 2014

Sugoi's Amazing Cycling Reflective TechnologyAt this past years Interbike we noticed that besides everyone jumping on the fat tire bandwagon, the biggest innovation seemed to be with new materials being introduced in the soft goods category. Materials designed to fit better, breath better, regulate your body temperature and even hide ride necessities like food, tubes etc. But nothing matched what we found at the Sugoi booth. Sugoi, a long...

Hydration Advancement with The Right Stuff

By admin ⋅ October 7th, 2014

Hydration Advancement with The Right StuffHydration is one of those topics that usually makes you roll your eyes. Memories of your mother telling you drink water all the time come to mind. But for the competitive rider, water is the life blood of performance. Studies show that your performance begins to suffer as soon as your healthy fluid levels drop below 2% of your body mass. This equates to just shy of a 1/2 gallon of fluid in a ...

Cycling Picture Book - The Perfect Gift

By admin ⋅ September 30th, 2014

Cycling Picture Book - The Perfect GiftWe are always on the lookout for good books on cycling. Especially when they are based on the history of the sport, when men were men and simply surviving the grand tours of Europe was success. A new book by Velo Press called Goggles & Dust is a photo - chronical of the 20's and 30's grand tours in Europe. Goggles & Dust is filled with wonderful images from The Horton Collection, the premi...

Fondriest Bikes Moves to disc brakes

By admin ⋅ August 20th, 2014

Fondriest Bikes Moves to disc brakesFondriest is the latest high end road bike to join the disc brake movement. Italian bike maker Fondriest has added disc brakes among other new features to their line up including the mid price point TFD (Tour de France Disk) model shown here. Designed and built by former Tour De France rider and multi race winner Maurizio Fondriest, the bike brand that bears his name is nothing short of a...

Fuji Utility Bike Wins Design Award and World Wide Production

By admin ⋅ August 14th, 2014

Fuji Utility Bike Wins Design Award and World Wide ProductionWinner of Bike Design Project goes into production and world wide distribution...Introducing "Denny" Philadelphia, PA (August 14, 2014) - No bike-building contest has ever moved beyond the prototype stage into mass production - until now. Following last Monday's announcement of the winner of Oregon Manifest's The Bike Design Project, Fuji Bikes has begun working with design team T...

GT Hits the Mark on Two New Bikes

By admin ⋅ June 27th, 2014

GT Hits the Mark on Two New BikesGT Hits the mark with two new bikes Its not often one of the big manufactures is on the leading edge of bike trends and fads. They usually leave that to upstarts to develop a market and see if there is traction. Then they jump in with their marketing might and existing dealer network to get in the game. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised when we caught wind of what GT is bringing to ...

New Wahoo Cadence Sensor pairs with Smart Phone App

By admin ⋅ June 25th, 2014

New Wahoo  Cadence Sensor pairs with Smart Phone AppIf you are looking to get a bit more scientific about your training, measuring your cadence is one of the training tools you would use. If your cycling computer doesn't have a cadence sensor built in, Wahoo Fitness has an affordable answer. Wahoo has Introduced the RPM Cadence Sensor With Bluetooth & ANT+ Connectivity RPM that now connects with nearly any device, fits on any bike, and does not...

GT Force Carbon Pro - Tested and Reviewed

By admin ⋅ May 23rd, 2014

GT Force Carbon Pro - Tested and ReviewedGT came out of the gate swinging hard this year winning early season downhill races and Enduro Downhill’s thanks to one of mountain biking’s royal family's – the Athertons. A great launch for the brand and showing the world that GT is the real deal. So when I got a chance to sling a leg over the GT Force Carbon Pro 650B I smiled broadly and said yes sir and thank you. Here is wha...

Selle SMP saddles create colorfast PRO line saddles

By admin ⋅ May 23rd, 2014

Selle SMP saddles create colorfast PRO line saddlesOne of the most comfortabel Saddles in the industry now comes in colorfast, water proof materials. Iride this saddle and LOVE it, So does most of the Pro Peleton.... Selle SMP Colored PRO Saddles NowFeature Stain-Resistant Material OXNARD, Calif., and CASALSERUGO, Italy -- Makers of arguably the most ergonomically advanced cycling saddles in the world, Selle SMP has listened to feedba...

Pivot Review - Mach 5.7 Carbon

By admin ⋅ May 14th, 2014

Pivot Review - Mach 5.7 CarbonAfter a full year of riding, the a long term review of the Pivot Carbon Mach 5.7 is complete - Here is the write up of our findings With the absolute explosion of "enduro" all mountain rigs hitting the market its hard to decide which bike is the right one for you. Add the wheel size debate to the decision and you are really in for some tough shopping. For me it is a bit easier as I ge...

Sidi - offers casual cool to their lineup of high end MTB and Roadshoes

By admin ⋅ April 28th, 2014

Sidi - offers casual cool to their lineup of  high end MTB and RoadshoesSidi Shoes, maker of some of the finest high performance footwear for anything on two wheels has expanded its offering with the new "Insider" shoe. Offered in either black or grey, these suede beauties look like the ultra high end So Cal skater shoes that are so rad. Only, instead of being cheap throw away shoes, the Insiders have quite a few technical features. I have not actuall...

The Shelfie - home is where you hang your bike

By admin ⋅ April 22nd, 2014

The Shelfie - home is where you hang your bikeHere at Bicycle World TV we seem to be a magnet for cool cycling start-ups these days. While not every new idea makes the web site, the ones like the Trigger Bell covered last month and this months Shelfie do. The creator of the Shelfie is non other than the 1993 world Downhill champion Jurgen Beneke. I know 1993 is before many of you were born but that doesn't mean he isn't relevant. In fact J...

Italian Racer - The Fondriest TF2 - REVIEWED

By admin ⋅ March 25th, 2014

Italian Racer - The Fondriest TF2 - REVIEWEDFondriest TF2 1.0 Test History The world of Cycling is filled with storied brands, first from Europe where the sport was founded, then to the upstart united states where we have our own cycling royalty heritage. But this story is not about heritage, it is about a European Brand designed and developed by a very successful European rider. No, this isn’t another slap your PRO name on an a...

New Thinking - Reinvented Bike Bell

By admin ⋅ March 19th, 2014

New Thinking - Reinvented Bike BellEnglishman rethinks the ubiquitous bike bell and makes it safer and easier to use. Just when you thought you saw it all, someone has gone and reinvented the bike bell. When I found out about it I rolled my eyes and had to see what fun I could poke at such a promise. Much to my amazement, the designer, or redesigner I should say, actually did improve the functional usage of the bell. No its ...

Serfas Review - The Best Road Gloves Ever?

By admin ⋅ January 15th, 2014

Serfas Review - The Best Road Gloves Ever?Serfas is one of the those brands you see in most local bike shops. They kind of feel like the generic house brand because they lack the big ad dollars to chase the high visibility Tour teams and the money they command. But that doesnt mean their products are not tour quality. And we found that out when we got a pair of the Serfas RXshort finger Road gloves to try ourselves. Road gloves are not...

SRAM XO 1x11 DriveTrain Rolled out

By admin ⋅ December 20th, 2013

SRAM XO 1x11 DriveTrain Rolled outBy now you have heard about the SRAM XX1 - 1x11 set up they rolled out last year. And if you're like most riders, you had to question whether or not you could push a single ring in the front. Even solid riders were asking that very question. So instead of speculating the answer, we went directly to the source and spoke with Duncan Riffle over at SRAM. Aformer world cup racer and now MTB Marketing ...

X-Fusion Revel HLR Fork unveiled

By admin ⋅ December 18th, 2013

X-Fusion Revel HLR Fork unveiledX-Fusion has been really making solid inroad in the playground of the big dogs. Having already won world championships in their early years, they have continued to build on that foundation. Keeping the momentum going for 2014 X-Fusion unveiled their ultra bling REVEL HLRfork. Aims squarely at the enduro audience and the 650b & 29er wheel set, the REVEL Fork definitely catches your eye. ...

Ellsworth Bike Review - Enlightenment 29

By admin ⋅ November 12th, 2013

Ellsworth Bike Review - Enlightenment 29We tested the Ellsworth Enlightenment 29er. We crushed personal best lap times at the Old Pueblo on it, we hammered ourselves at the White Tank mountain race on it and pushed it to its limits on the Bicycle World Test Loop. Does the Enlightenment have any short comings? Watch the video to find out. MSRP: $4795 - Complete w/XT Build Kit Frame only: $1995 Here are a couple of facts ...

Kali Helmets 2014 Helmets Revealed

By admin ⋅ October 4th, 2013

Kali Helmets 2014 Helmets RevealedAT this years Interbike we visited with Kali Helmets to find out what has been cooking at the innovative little company. Well to our delight, we found an expanded lineup and a true push for the continued advancement of helmet technology. Even the graphics are getting better. But graphics don't save your head, fit and technology does and as we said, Kali is loaded with it which is more than we c...

New Bike Bell sets New standard - Made in USA

By admin ⋅ August 20th, 2013

New Bike  Bell sets New standard - Made in USAIf you thought you saw it all, think again. A little company called Spurcycle went and reinvented the bike bell. My first impression of their email was...great, another email from some Asian manufacturer wanting me to buy 5,000 units of junk. Until you look at the pictures of the product. Then you kind of take notice that it looks like its pretty damned well made, badass even - for a bell that is....

Smith enters helmet market with integrated offering

By admin ⋅ August 15th, 2013

Smith enters helmet market with integrated offeringThe all-new FOREFRONT defines Smith’s innovation platform and serves as the ‘go to’ helmet for all-mountain riders. Created to provide all-mountain protection with road-race weight, the Aerocore™ construction of the FOREFRONT allows riders ventilated protection as never before seen in a bicycle helmet. With up to a 30% improvement over standard EPS impact properties, the pa...

More Than Hype - Recon delivers 21st Century Technology

By admin ⋅ June 26th, 2013

More Than  Hype - Recon delivers 21st Century TechnologyYes I know, this isn't technically a review, but the looks of these things is so cool that we had to let you in on the secret before they are available. As soon as a pair comes our way - we'll test then out and see if it delivers on its James Bond like promise. Until now look at how cool these look? I'm already seeing all the possibilities! (sorry for the bad pun) If you can't wait for our re...

New X-Fusion offering to 27.5 Market

By admin ⋅ May 10th, 2013

New X-Fusion offering to 27.5 MarketI love to see a good fight. Especially when it's a David vs Goliath and the winner means better suspension for all of us. This past week a the Sea Otter, X-Fusion, who has been making quite a noise in the past couple of years announced their new 27.5 Trail/Enduro Fork. X-Fusion is calling the new Sweep an early 2014 release which means mid June while riding is still awesome for whole country right...

Pivot unveils Firebird 27.5

By admin ⋅ April 18th, 2013

Pivot unveils Firebird 27.5It was just last year when I asked Chris Cocalis when he would be releasing a 650 B bike into his mountain line up. Chris, a seasoned veteran kept his poker face on and said nothing. Those lack of words said everything to me and here we stand to today showing the world the New Firebird 27.5 race rig. The Pivot Firebird 27.5 Just in time to wet your whistle at The Sea Otter. If you are ...

Ellsworth Moment Review - All Mountain Ripper

By admin ⋅ April 4th, 2013

Ellsworth Moment  Review - All Mountain RipperEllsworth Moment - 6” travel all mountain ripper. With the explosion of growth in Super D, Enduro racing and the fact that many people are tired of having to feel like they need multiple bikes to be competitive and just want to get back to good old fashion fun riding, the emergence of the 6” bike as a must have in a brands lineup can’t be understated. The Moment, is Ellswo...

The Secret Race - Book review

By admin ⋅ September 27th, 2012

The Secret Race - Book reviewThe Secret Race A story about the racing life of Tyler Hamilton by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle In a sport that has been rocked with scandal, heresay, tattle tales and denials it would be good to get a little clarity. In The Secret Race, I feel I am getting just that. The real truth about doping in the pro peleton from the prospective of one of the key players. Does Hamilton have someth...

2012 Scott 29 Elite Reviewed on South Mountain

By admin ⋅ March 28th, 2012

2012 Scott 29 Elite Reviewed on South MountainWhether you like it or not, 29ers are here to stay and now make up 50% of the MTB market. Even though I have been riding only 26" bikes, I figured I need to try these out for myself and see what all the fuss was about. So I have been busy testing 29ers of all types and configurations to see what my next purchase is going to be. A 29" or a 26". Scott bikes may not have invented ...

Candle Power Light Review

By admin ⋅ February 3rd, 2012

Candle Power Light ReviewWith the endurance season kicking off in just a couple of weeks at the Old Pueblo in Tucson, it’s only appropriate that we found a new lighting product to review. It was brought to our attention by one of our regular readers and since finding out the entire product was made in the USA, we really wanted to give it a shot. The product is called the Trail Torch TT1800 - by Candlepowe...

Pivot Mach 4 - Review -Does it measure up?

By admin ⋅ January 31st, 2012

Pivot Mach 4 - Review -Does it measure up?I am pretty lucky. I get to ride bikes more than most people. That is a benefit of being unemployable. While I forego the big paycheck and thumb on top of my head, I do get to sharpen my skills and pencil by riding a variety of bikes and writing about them. One of my all-time favorite bikes was a Titus Racer-X. So when Chris Cocalis began Pivot, I was more than excited to ride one. Could they des...

Smith PivLoc V90 max - glass review

By admin ⋅ January 11th, 2012

Smith PivLoc V90 max - glass reviewIf you are in the market for some performance racing glasses, you can't go wrong with Smith Optics. They make some finest eye wear out there. In this video we review the PivLoc V90 glasses. A competition glass that features the PivLoc system for swithcing lens'. Super futuristic, the PivLoc V90 gives you coverage and then some. Are they they right one for you?...

New Goggles Worth a Look

By admin ⋅ December 23rd, 2011

New Goggles Worth a LookAttention gravity freaks, if you are looking for some sweet goggles here is a new name for you to consider. Dean Optics. Founded by a long time industry insider and former racer Jeremiah Dylan Dean, Dean optics are straight forward goggles with a solid fit and quality materials. So why do I pass this info along to you, after all, they are just goggles? Well Dean Optics isn't here to recreate t...

VIVO Plus Water - Dont think water can make your faster? Think again

By admin ⋅ August 25th, 2011

VIVO Plus Water - Dont think water can make your faster? Think againPerformance gains are hard won. They take precious time, effort, energy and focus. Why give it back because you don't hydrate properly. Few products would claim to reinvent something as basic as water. But Vivo Plus claims it and we put it to the test. See what we have found in two weeks of drinking the "Vivo Plus" Kool-aid so to speak. If you are serious competitor ...

Native Eye Wear Beat Down - An alternative to clown glasses

By admin ⋅ July 28th, 2011

Native Eye Wear Beat Down - An alternative to clown glassesNative Eye Wear is a relatively new sunglass company that specializes in performance and fashion eye wear. How do they stack up in a crowded arena with marketing budgets 10 times bigger? Watch the video and see what Bicycle World TV thought of their performance race glasses and their more stylish So Cal style offering. Want to learn more about Native? Check out their website at www...

Primal Wear Custom Cycling Clothing Beat Down and Review

By admin ⋅ June 6th, 2011

Primal Wear Custom Cycling Clothing Beat Down and ReviewWith so many people offering custom clothing how do you know which ones to go with? Well a tried and true season of testing showed us how Primal Wear, an American manufacturer of custom cycling apparel, answered the bell when they get less than stellar ratings in season one. Can it hold a match it's bigger Italian rivals? In charge of purchasing team kits or looking for a kit for yourself? W...

Kali Helmets Reviewed

By admin ⋅ May 23rd, 2011

Kali Helmets ReviewedIf you are in the market for a new helmet do yourself a favor and try a Kali before making any decision. I gave this helmet to one of the top pros to compared it to his helmet and he almost fell of his chair when he felt how light they are. But light is only part of the story. Watch the video and see more....

Shimano R-300 Shoe Review

By admin ⋅ May 5th, 2011

Shimano R-300 Shoe ReviewShoes are one of the most important pieces of riding gear. A contact point for the entire ride, your shoes are all about performance and comfort. There is a reason why a majority of the Pro Peleton wear the R-300 shoes. They deliver the goods. Not as fast as a pro? Doesn't matter, there is no reason to cut a corner here when you're putting in the hours. When it was time to get new shoes, Bic...

Gaerne - An Italian Gem?

By admin ⋅ February 16th, 2011

Gaerne - An Italian Gem?Looking for a quality MTB shoe that will be comfortable and actually last? Because that's what I want in a shoe. I am not made of money but also don't mind putting money down for great performing products that make a difference in comfort and / or performance. What I don't like is having to plunk down hard earned cash for a product that barely lasts a season no matter how cheap it is. If you...

2010 Commencal - All Mountain Sneak Peek

By admin ⋅ July 22nd, 2010

Europe has seen it, now it is our turn. The 2010 Meta 55 from the same company that makes all those fast bikes the Atherton train rides - Commencal. The Meta 55 is an all mountain weapon positioned as an aggressive yet lightweight 5.5 inch travel bike. The first thing you will notice is that it is a carbon frame. Yes, the bleeding edge of frameology has been adopted as the material of choi...

5.10 releases Blue Zebra into the wild

By admin ⋅ July 22nd, 2010

FIVE TEN - the maker of all things sticky in the bicycle world have released their latest creation, the Blue Zebra into the wild world of Dirt Jumping, Free Riding, Urban and casual wear. Featuring reinforced stitching, protective toe boxes, action leather uppers and their super stick Stealth® Rubber outsoles - the Blue Zebra's will make make your shins smile and make other shoes look rather ...

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